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Since joining the AOII sisterhood as a collegiate, you know the power of this group of dynamic, smart, and compassionate women. We laugh together, help sisters find jobs and homes, support our community through philanthropic activities, inspire ambition, and know we’re part of something larger than all of us. You may be looking to network, or find someone to go to a movie with, or build your resume with leadership roles and KCAOII can help you in all those ways. Sisterhood is for life and we’ll help you remember why you joined in the first place.

As a dues-paying member, you help fulfill your pledge to cherish the future of AOII. Chapter dues are waived for new graduates for their first year, $45 per year for regular alums, and $29 for Life Loyal alums.

Are you a first-year grad? Your dues are on us for your first year of alumni-status. Simply contact Debbi and let her know you’d like to join. debbi.johanning@gmail.com 

We request that dues are paid by Dec. 20 so that we can acknowledge our full-member roster to International AOII by the end of the year. If possible, however, please pay dues by Nov. 1 to allow us to better plan for our budget.

Wonder where that money goes? Here’s a breakdown of what your local alum chapter receives:

• $16 to AOII International – Annual Operating Fee
• $7 to AOII International – Education & Training Fee
• $2 to AOII International – Archival Preservation Fee
• $10 to AOII International – NEW Technology Fee
• $10 to the operation of the Greater K.C. AOII Alumnae Chapter

In addition to your dues payment, you are welcome to donate whatever additional dollars you would like for other efforts. Whether it’s an additional $5, $50 or $500, your support is greatly appreciated!

Funds to which you can donate include:

• Ruby Fund
• AOII Endowment
• AOII Arthritis Grants
• Arthritis Walk
• AOII Foundation
• Alumnae Operations
• Scholarship Fund at UCM
• Delta Pi Robe Fund

Payment Options

Check: To pay your dues, make a check out to AOII. Send your payment to: Treasurer Debbi Johanning, 1313 Connecticut, Lawrence KS 66044.

Online: Or you can send payment via Paypal (choose the “Friend or Relative” option to avoid paying a fee) to debbi.johanning@gmail.com.

Current Dues Paying KCAOII Members:
Cherie Smith
Debbi Johanning
Judith Zivanovic
Nancy Meditz
Janet Stevenson
Kate Favrow
Connie Cargin
Marcia Rinehart
Kim Hendricks
Cara Mahon
Malinda Hillebrenner
Gina Kellogg
Jenny Horsley
Lenna Levitch
Mary Johnson
Jo Denton
Cindy Nielsen
Shannon Kilkenny
Lori White
Michele Park
Sondra Troup