KCAOII is a member of the Greater Kansas City Alumnae Panhellenic, which was founded in 1909 and is made up of 21 national sorority organizations. We are represented on the GKC Alumnae Panhellenic leadership council by our Panhellenic Delegate, also a member of the KCAOII Leadership Board.

The Greater Kansas City Alumnae Panhellenic holds functions throughout the year to support sorority members in many ways. The GKC Panhellenic holds fraternity education events, supports the community through philanthropy and fundraiser events, and provides scholarship opportunities to sorority women. Scholarship money is raised throughout the year at dining or shopping for dollars events, through donations from each sorority organization or its members, and during the silent auction at the Annual Meeting. To find out how to apply for this scholarship, visit the GKC Alumnae Panhellenic website.

AOIIs attended the 2017 GKC Panhellenic Women of the Year Luncheon. Delta Pi Grace Anderson won a scholarship and we recognized Sigma Omicron Malinda Hillebrenner as our KCAOII Woman of the Year.

Their largest event is the Women of the Year luncheon. This luncheon honors sorority women from each of the 21 organizations who  upholds the standards and ideals of their respective sorority. This award is designed to honor a special sorority woman for her accomplishments and by reflection, represents the entire Panhellenic spirit. A list of previous KCAOII GKC Alumnae Panhellenic Woman of the Year winners is below:

2021 – Lenna Levitch, Phi
2020 – Kim Hendricks, Phi
2019 – Cara Mahon, Delta Pi
2018 – Katie Raymon, Iota Sigma
2017 – Malinda Beeler Hillebrenner, Sigma Omicron
2016 – Kate Favrow, Iota
2014 – Courtney Eiterich, Phi
2013 – Cherie Wray Smith, Phi
2011 – Judith Gergen Zivanovic, Chi Lambda
2010 – Jenny Bueller Horsley, Delta Alpha
2009 – Mary Giles Johnson, Phi