Does it seem like forever since you last gathered with your AOII sisters? Let’s change that!

Despite the pandemic forcing us apart for so long, we’ve had a crazy number of new sisters in the area inquiring about getting involved with our chapter! That’s cause for a party — or at least a fabulous happy hour!

Let’s get together to kick off the fall season and raise a toast to the reasons we joined AOII!

We’ve got a legit list of ideas for upcoming gatherings, but we want YOUR input to make our future together as bright as possible.

Strang Hall is a fun venue with loads of indoor and outdoor meeting spaces. Want to social distance? No problem!

So let’s get this party started with a happy hour starting at 5 p.m. on  Wednesday, Sept. 14, at Strang Hall in downtown Overland Park.

We can catch up, share thoughts on what’s ahead, and simply reconnect after such a long time being apart. AND we can welcome our new K.C. sisters to our gorgeous city!

Click “GOING” on the KCAOII Facebook Events Page!

Invite your KC-area AOII sisters to join us!

We’d love to make this a smashing happening!


Want a peek of what’s in KCAOII’s plans?

Love planning events? Consider joining the Events Committee!

New committees! We want as many KCAOIIs as possible to have the opportunity to help follow their passions in ways that can make our chapter the best. So we’ll be reinventing how we share the various tasks that come with chapter roles. Love social media? You can join our Public Relations Committee? Have a knack for finances? Maybe you’d find a place on the Treasurer’s Committee! Whether you love to plan events, geek out on coding, organize for optimization, garden for therapy or fun, journal about life, or whatever your passion is, we can find a way to help you fulfill it.

Our UCM sisters (and those at Missouri State!) are looking for support in a variety of ways!

Collegiate connections! With chapters at both UCM and Missouri State, we’ve got loads of activities in which we can get involved and support them. Plus, we can set the example for them why they should join KCAOII after they graduate if they move back to the area.

Philanthropic functions! Our annual flower fundraiser is always a hit, but what other great opportunities are available to us to raise funds to support our philanthropy (and help pay for chapter fees). We’re going to be brainstorming, and we want your brain to join in!

That’s just a start of what’s in the works. For now, though, let’s kick back with a cold beverage, send off summer in style, and welcome autumn colors and positive changes for the future.

Dues & donations

If you’re new to KCAOII, we don’t want your money! We just want you to be a part of all of our activities for the season ahead. (The first year of membership is free to all new alums!) For the rest of us, it’s that time of year for us to collect dues ($45 annually) by Nov. 1. We’ve got information about how that $45 is used ($10 goes to KCAOII, and other $35 is for various AOII International fees) on the Membership page. We provide details on how to pay your dues by check at the bottom of the page. Want to pay digitally?

  • Paypal (choose the “Friend or Relative” option to avoid paying a fee):
  • Venmo: @Deb-Johanning.
Have some extra dollars to donate for sending snack gifts to our collegiate sisters?

We’re also looking for donations to purchase and send treat boxes (via Amazon) to our collegiate sisters. Can you add an extra $5 or $10 to your dues to purchase these special treats for our younger sisters? (If you’re a new alum, we’d love to have donations from you as well! You no doubt remember better than any of us how appreciated a surprise box of snacks are!)