Did you miss your chance to order flowers or plants from KCAOII this year or need more than you originally planned? You’re in luck! We have to order full flats of flowers and plants so we have some extra that we need to sell. Below is a list of what we have left. If you or a friend or family member would like to order anything below, please email Kate at kcaoii@gmail.com with what you’d like.

All orders will need to be picked up at Lauren Ziegler’s house in Lenexa on either May 4th or 5th. We’ll email you details on times and location after you order. All plants and flowers can be paid for with cash or check at the time of pickup.

Here’s the list:

All pots below are $3.50 each
1 Mixed color Petunia pot
4 Green spike pots
4 Sprengri fern pots
5 White Geranium pots
6 Latana Mix pots
2 Green Potato Vine pots
5 Sun Coleus Mix pots
5 Red Sun Patient pots

All pots below are $3.25 each
5 Roma tomato pots
4 Cherry tomato pots

Potato Vine
Green Spikes
Roma Tomato