If you missed our Friday, July 13th coffee and bagels meet up at Einstein Bros. in Fairway, we thought you might want to some insight on important things learned during our discussion. We hope you find these bits of information interesting and informative.

  • Life hacks for common products you don’t think about using in other ways. Pedialyte for hangover recovery. Windex for wiping down leather purses and cleaning them up. Hemorrhoid cream for the bags under your eyes (none of us have personally tried it, just a wive’s tale Kate’s heard).
  • Katie just finished a hiking adventure for L.L.Bean and was on 41 News Friday morning! See how awesome she did here.
  • The Queer Eye guys are in Kansas City to film season 3 and came to Cara’s Power Life Yoga studio. If you haven’t watched their show, Malinda & Kate recommend it. Seasons 1 and 2 are on Netflix.
  • Jenny & Kim both had fun nails for the 4th of July. Jenny’s is a secret sticker that stays for a while. Check them out here.
  • New KC restaurant recommendations from Kate: Savoy at 21c (a hotel Malinda chain loved in both Bentonville & Nashville), Freshwater in Westportish (it’s in a very strange strip mall, but good small plates and cocktails), and Freestyle Poke in River Market (Cara wholeheartedly agrees on this recommendation, you must go).
  • L.L. Bean has a new clothing line called L.L.Bean Signature. Katie is super pumped about a new dress she got from there (full disclosure, she works there). Also, L.L.Bean is pivoting their marketing to become better known for their outdoor gear (who knew they did that?).

What we hope you’ve come to understand by now is that you learn a lot from morning coffee and bagels with sisters. Most of it random knowledge, but almost all of it useful and fun. Hope you can join us next time!