It’s the end of a KCAOII era as Cherie Smith has stepped down as KCAOII Day Group Membership Chair, a role she has held for just shy of thirty years. Prior to her role coordinating the day group, Cherie worked with fellow sisters to award the KCAOII scholarships to female students at the University of Kansas, her alma mater, as Scholarship Chairwoman. Cherie also held the role of Directory Chairwoman for KCAOII. 

Cherie attended lunch and presided over her last day group meeting on May 14. In attendance were many of the regular day group members. 

Chapter President, Kate Favrow, gave Cherie a dozen red roses and a card of appreciation from the entire chapter. Fellow Phi alum, Mary E. Johnson gave Cherie a cute AOII bag full of goodies. 

Cherie Wray Smith was graduated from the University of Kansas in 1958 with a Bachelor’s of Science in French and Language Arts Education. She was initiated into Phi in 1957. Formerly English teacher at Wyandotte High School in Kansas City, Kansas, Cherie is currently an Editor at Maritz Research.

Cherie has been, and will continue to be, an integral participant for the KCAOII Alumnae Chapter.