It turns out, marketing Kansas City to companies and employees looking to move to the area, helping women train themselves for employment, and attracting, retaining, and growing sorority alumnae networks has quite a bit in common. At the Greater Kansas City Alumnae Panhellenic‘s Fraternity Education Leadership workshop on March 29, Jessica Palm and Tim Cowden from KCADC and Sherry Turner and Ashley Williamson from the KC Women’s Employment Network met with about forty sorority alumnae chapter leaders to share their insight. 

Palm & Cowden started the evening by explaining how they help explain the value of KC. They talked about how they work with partner organizations to help spread the word about the amenities of the city and underscored that while they sit in Kansas City, Missouri, they are working with counties and cities across the region since employers and employees don’t just live in KCMO when they come here. Palm related this cooperation to the way sororities assist one another through the Greater KC Alum Panhel with respect to scholarship funds, support on aggregated events, and general interest in helping support the needs of women. 

During Turner & Williamson’s segment, Williamson shared what she’d learned when looking at a new way to inspire women to attain memberships in WEN. Five of the lessons Williamson learned were: 5 Lessons Learned: Foster Pride, Know Your Audience, Use Data, Plan Ahead, Be VisibleOne in particular she highlighted was the use of data to understand the women she was trying to reach. Also, she noted that membership structure is changing across many organizations. Instead of set prices for yearly memberships, organizations are exploring event-based membership and fundraising or adding additional areas where participants can directly correlate what they’re paying to the value of what they get from it. 

Kudos to the Greater Kansas City Alumnae Panhellenic for putting on an interesting and fun event!