Two AOII scholarships are available for qualified students at the University of Central Missouri.

Applying for these scholarships is easy. Applicants only need to fill out the general scholarship application from the UCM scholarship office, which offers a really awesome single-application system where students fill out just one application, and the system automatically matches the applicant to all scholarships for which they are eligible.

Have questions? Simply contact the UCM scholarship office.

Note: Applicants must show need according to the FAFSA (so all applicants must fill out that form). Those applicants will get priority first. Applicants do not have to be an AOII to qualify, but AOIIs will receive preference.

The two scholarships are The Alpha Omicron Pi – Jessie Marie Cramer Scholarship and The Katy Henry “Average” Student Scholarship, which was established in memory of Catherine “Katy” Henry, a member of AOII who dreamed of starting a scholarship for the “average” student. The term “average” is a misnomer. The scholarship honors the memory of a young woman whose enthusiasm for living and infectious joy raised the spirits of all who knew her. Academic endeavors are necessary requirements in succeeding in one’s life, but it was Katy’s love of life, effervescent humor and engaging personality that are the qualities of this scholarship. It’s only named “average” because that is what Katy wanted to call it.

Applications for both scholarships are due March 1. You can get the application here.