Rose moss are awesome flowers for hot, dry areas where they thrive and spread like crazy.

You want to plant some flowers. But which ones? Your sun-dappled porch, patio or lawn leaves you lost as to whether you should choose sun-loving marigolds and rose moss or impatiens and cocktail begonias, which would wilt in summer’s scorching sunlight. 

There are easy ways to determine which type of plants would thrive in your particular garden area. Check out this article with easy advice on how to measure the amount of sun exposure your plants will receive.  

Fully informed, you’ll be ready to detemine what mix of flowers to order from the KCAOII Annual Spring Flower and Vegetable Sale. You’ll help support local grower Louisburg Nursery and Greenhouse and KCAOII! (We rely on funds from this sale to support our efforts year-long, from sending scholarship funds to Delta Pis at the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg to sending condolences to a sister who’s lost a loved one.)