AOII National has quite a few named scholarship awards available to undergraduate and graduate students. Some awards are chapter specific, but many apply across the fraternity. The entire list can be found via this list, but some of the broader ones are below.

Alumnae Chapter Honor Scholarship Awarded to a dues paying alumnae chapter member. If an alumnae chapter member does not apply or is not eligible, then to an at-large alumna member. If an at-large alumna member does not apply or is not eligible, then to a collegiate member.

 Bonifield Family Women in STEM Graduate Scholarship (Convention Years Only) Awarded to an alumna member in good standing pursuing a graduate degree in a STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) field.

Edith Huntington Anderson Scholarship (Convention Years Only) Must have a Bachelor of Science degree or will receive their B.S. degree by July 1 of the application period and will pursue a career in medicine or medical related field. The recipient of this grant is to be a woman who exemplifies the high standards and ideals of AOII. These include: Academic Achievement, service to her AOII chapter and to the University or Universities which she attended, personal attributes and attitudes. The recipient should be of excellent character, practice good judgment in all of her activities and be an all around good citizen.

Ginger Banks Scholarship Awarded to a collegian or alumna member in good standing who is pursuing an undergraduate or post-graduate degree in mass communications or human communications. If no applicant is in any of the above disciplines, the scholarship may be awarded to a member pursuing a degree in creative writing or English.

Helen Haller Scholarship Awarded to the top ranked graduate applicant.

Karen Fried Kelone “Healing Hand” Scholarship Awarded to a collegiate member enrolled in a Health Care major, exluding Physicians. Second, if no such member does apply, then to an alumna graduate student enrolled in a Health Care major, excluding Physicians.

Karen Tucker Centennial Scholarship Available to any AOII in good standing.

Lorraine Chanatry Award Available to any AOII senior planning to pursue an MFA or MA with the intent to teach; financial need will be the primary criteria for the award. If no senior applies, any graduate student pursuing an MFA or MA with the intent to teach. If no senior or graduate student applies, the award will not be awarded.

Maureen C Tokar Scholarship (Convention Years Only) Awarded to a collegiate or alumnae member in good standing who is studying Architecture.

Muriel T. McKinney Scholarship Awarded from Diamond Jubilee Scholarship funds to the top ranked undergraduate applicant. 

Nancy McCain Memorial Scholarship Awarded to the top ranked returning alumna applicant.

Pat (Hayes) Cutlip & Dotti (Hayes) Cutlip Scholarship Awarded to a collegian who is an English major or minor. If no collegian applies or is eligible, then awarded to an alumna with preference to Chicago Northwest Suburban Alumnae Chapter.

Robert and Eleanore MacCurdy Scholarship Available to any AOII member in good standing.

Ruth M. Johnson Memorial Scholarship (Convention Years Only) Awarded to a graduate student attending medical school or participating in a Medical Research program. 

If you or a sister you know fits one or more of the descriptions above or on the full list, we encourage applying for an AOII Foundation scholarship! Even if you do not qualify for a specific named scholarship, the AOII Foundation awards merit-based Diamond Jubilee Scholarships to many other deserving sisters each year. 

For more information or to apply NOW, visit . The application is due March 1, 2017.