You already know that eating healthy foods is good for you. But did you realize that simply the act of getting outside and digging in the dirt can positively impact mind, body and soul?

Check out all the ways gardening will make you feel better in this article on the Rodale’s Organic Gardening magazine website. (Rodale’s is pretty much the go-to guide for dedicated gardeners everywhere. But you don’t have to be focused on organics or even own a shovel to benefit from the advice in this age-old publication.)

Once you’re convinced that gardening is the answer to making the most of your life, it’s time to order the plants you’ll need to get started.

KCAOII has partnered with local grower Louisburg Nursery and Greenhouse to bring you the highest quality vegetable and flower plants that are perfectly acclimated to Kansas City’s crazy growing conditions.

See what’s available this year and then order your selections. Lousiburg will consolidate all of our orders and deliver them to KCAOII Jenny’s home where you’ll be able to pick them up on Friday and Saturday, May 5 and 6. Orders are due on April 7, so don’t delay!