wine 10I was working on the email to alert ladies to our upcoming Wine Night at Tannin Wine Bar. (We’re gathering at 5 p.m. on Monday, Jan. 25. Just FYI. And, because we know you love a good bargain on your wine, do plan to be there before 6. Because all the wine is 25% off until then! Wine. On Sale. Yes, please!) So, I thought I’d find a good wine meme to illustrate the newsletter. Except I couldn’t. Find just one good wine meme, that is. There are THOUSANDS. MILLIONS! GAZILLIONS!

Seriously, there’s a lot of them.

So, not being able to pick just one, I decided to gather the top 20 funniest in honor of our evening together. (Honestly, I just picked the first 20 I read. Because, when I googled “funny wine meme,” the page just kept scrolling. And scrolling. And scrolling. I couldn’t read them all to decide which 20 were the best. So I just chose the first 20. I mean, really! There are a LOT!)

If you haven’t got time to read all 1,050,000 results either, then consider the following to be my little gift to you. Enjoy! (And then head over to the Facebook page to RSVP and plan to join us!)

Alpha love, sisters!


P.S. Happy hour “bites” are on special until 6 p.m. too. Yes, that includes the braised bacon & brie grilled cheese. And the lump crab dip with grilled baguette. AND the pommes frittes with truffle aioli. Nom nom nom!

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