Cherie Smith
Cherie Smith

Cherie Wray Smith was graduated from the University of Kansas in 1958 with a Bachelor’s of Science in French and Language Arts Education. She was initiated into Phi in 1957.

Currently, Cherie’s position with the Greater Kansas City AOII Alumnae Chapter is Day Meeting Alumnae Chairman.

Other AOII positions that she’s held over the years include: Scholarship Chairman, Directory Chairman and various ad hoc positions.

Career: Formerly English teacher at Wyandotte High School, Kansas City, Kansas

Longtime and current job: Editor at Maritz Research

Family briefs: One son, one daughter, seven grandchildren — all live in Tulsa, OK, except eldest grandson who lives in Boston, MA.

What really annoys her: poor language and poor manners habits.

What she wants to be when she grows up: I’d like to be a “golden oldie” and not a crotchety oldtimer!

Her favorite beverage: tie of Diet Dr. Pepper and skim milk.

What makes AOII important in her life: the many years of friendships, some of which are nearly lifetime ones by now.