Congratulations to our Outstanding Collegiate, Michelle Schneidler! She was recognized at the Greater Kansas City Alumnae Association Chapter’s Founders’ Day on Saturday, Dec. 6, 2014.

Michelle Schneidler is one of the best leaders the Delta Pi chapter has seen in the last four years.

She is a criminal justice major with a sociology minor and has held a 3.9 GPA throughout college. In her spare time, this past summer and fall, Michelle has been shadowing an advocate case manager who works for the Missouri Sheriff’s Department.

Within AOII, Michelle has been on the standards board since her freshman year, serving as Freshman Standards Rep and Senior Standards Rep, as well as being President in 2013. She also was an outstanding New Member Educator and Vice President of Chapter Development. Michelle puts all of her creative energy and time into making Delta Pi a strong chapter and helping interpersonal relationships within the chapter. She always offers a listening ear, a friend to lean on, an encouraging word when a sister is down, and her laugh and smile are contagious.

Michelle inspires the younger women in the chapter to take leadership roles and be active members of AOII. Plus, she has the respect of all the women in the chapter. She puts her whole heart into AOII, which is truly shown through the positions she has held.

Congratulations, Michelle!