aoii pay it forwardIf your life isn’t what you’d like for it to be, you can make a change–and it can make you feel better almost immediately.

Simply put, you just need to help someone else.

The act of giving not only helps others, but it helps the person doing the giving. Scientific research has proven the physical and emotional benefits. Studies have shown that “social connection helps turn generous behavior into positive feelings on the part of the donor.”

And it doesn’t matter how you give. Whether you make a financial donation or volunteer at an event or for a cause, both end up helping you as much as the organization you are supporting. An article, “How Giving Makes Us Happy,” at states, “The findings … complement earlier research that has demonstrated a positive effect on happiness of social interaction and taking part in voluntary work.”

The Greater Kansas City Alum Chapter of Alpha Omicron Pi organizes events in which we help others on a regular basis. So, if you’re in need of an opportunity to improve your psyche, boost your morale or just add to your bucket list, check out what we’ve got going on by regularly visiting this website, our Facebook group or coming to meetings and checking in with your sisters in person.

You’ll be helping yourself AND others!