aoii loveAOII is for life.

This is the thought going through my mind as I write this difficult note.

Our Greater Kansas City Alumnae Chapter is struggling with leadership needs. We have three major Officer positions that are soon going to be vacant: V.P. of Fundraising, V.P. of Programming and Panhellenic Representative (and Alternate).

These vacancies may create such a large leadership gap that I don’t know if we can continue chapter operations without some new individuals stepping up to help.

What we ask of our leaders is little in terms of commitment. Most “business meetings,” for example, are done via email, and the Panhellenic Representative goes to only six Thursday-morning meetings a year. Mostly, we get together and simply enjoy our sisterhood and try to perform some good deeds for others.

I know everyone is busy. I have two small children and run my own home-based business. But AOII is for a lifetime, right?

Please, let me know if you would like to help out and step up.


Jenny Horsley
(573) 268-0437