What did one math book say to the other? Boy, do I have problems!

School is here, and I hope you aren’t like the math book. Sure, you may have challenges at both work and home. After all, life can be busy. But no matter how busy it is, I always make time for AOII. Because AOII is for life. So, while some things may fade from our lives for a while (or even forever), AOII is one rock on which I can depend. I know it will always be there when I need it.

But, back to those problems–er, challenges! I have one for you. Yes, YOU! All AOIIs. That challenge: Make an extra effort to attend an AOII event this year. It could be coming to an activity, paying dues, ordering flowers in the spring, joining a committee or just checking our Facebook group or our alum website occasionally. Find out what we are doing and join in again, just like you did in college.

And, if you can pick only one thing to do this year, make it Founders’ Day! It’s the perfect opportunity to reconnect with your sisters and take some time for you.

Think about why you joined AOII, and please consider adding an event to your schedule this fall.

Fraternally yours,

Jenny Buehler Horsley
Greater Kansas City Alum Group