A group of alumnae women (and one young boy!) met at Mad About Mosaics last week to get crafty and socialize with sisters. The store is located at 6417 W. 119th Street in Overland Park, in a shopping center behind the Cheesecake Factory.

What a fun idea! At the store, you can select the piece you want to mosaic from thousands of options. There were small items like votive holders all the way up to huge pieces like furniture. Each item is priced to include all the supplies, like the mosaic tiles and grout, so you know up front how much it will cost to finish the project.

The women in our group chose things like Halloween decorations, crosses, platters, and picture frames. Then we got busy choosing our tiles- that was the hard part! The great thing about the store, though, is that they have plenty of examples hanging everywhere to inspire even the least-creative person. We glued tiles, snacked on candy, and chatted for a couple hours.

If you're looking for creative gift ideas or a fun afternoon activity, Mad About Mosaics is a great place to start.