We are always looking for new ideas to make our meetings more fun and interesting. Here are some ideas for programming from our Alumnae Network Specialist's monthly newsletter. Leave us a comment and let us know what your favorite idea is, or give us a new idea! Planning for next year will start soon.
Cooking Class
Book Club Discussion
Play Dates for Mom’s with young children
Family Day in the park/zoo
Couples pot luck dinner
Wine Tasting/Winery Tour/Brewery Tour
Bunco or other game night
Spa Outing (manicure/pedicure/ massage)
Craft Class (Ceramics, Painting, Basket Weaving, whatever!)
Gardening Class
Girls Night Out (Dinner, Movie, Theatre show, etc)
Summer Pool Party
Holiday Party and Cookie or Ornament Exchange
Apple/Pumpkin Picking in Fall with Families