Our recent newsletter from our Alumnae Network Specialist, Lisa Dutt, contained the following message from Molly Vice, AOII's Alumnae Development Administrator.

With the start of a new year we look back at the many, many accomplishments during 2006. This past year we initiated 15 amazing women into 12 different collegiate chapters through the Alumna Initiate Program! The ongoing dedication and spirit of AOII in these 12 collegiate and alumnae chapters has attracted local women to become members of AOII. Behind every Alumnae initiate is an alumnae chapter. As 2007 is underway I encourage all AOIIs, collegiate and alumnae, to recruit and connect with women who will be an asset to our sisterhood and fraternity now and in years to come. If you have any questions regarding the Alumna Initiate Program, please contact me. It is a simple process and one that will build the strength of AOII.

If you know of a woman who would be an asset to our sisterhood, please let us know. AOII is not just for college students, it is for a lifetime.