The annual plant sale fundraiser by the Greater Kansas City Alumnae is well under way.
All orders must be turned in to Michele Park by next Sunday, April 1.
Eacy year, the chapter sponsers a spring flower sale, with partial proceeds to benefit the Arthritis Research Foundation as well as local scholarships. The plants come from Greeson Greenhouses in Lone Jack, Missouri.
The following plants are available at a price of $9.50 per 1/2 flat, or $18 per flat (6 jumbo packs):

  • French Marigolds (10" to 12" size, prefers full sun) in gold, orange, and yellow;
  • Super Elfin Series Impatiens (bedding plants for shade) in coral, orange, pink, red, violet, white, and mix;
  • Harmony Begonias (bronze leaf, prefers shade) in pink, scarlet, white, or mix;
  • Prelude Begonia (green leaf, prefers sun) in pink, rose, scarlet, white, or mix;
  • Vinca/Periwinkle (hot, dry, full sun locations) in light purple, pink, red, rose, white, or mix.
  • Rose Moss (full sun) in a mix

We also have flowers available in small pots for $3, or $40 for a flat of 15 pots:

  • Wave Petunia (super high quality, full sun) in blue, light purple, misty lilac, pink, rose, or purple;
  • Geranium (5", prefer full sun to part shade) in red, pink, salmon, purple, and white.

And, of course there are also hanging baskets available for $17 each. The hanging baskets prefer morning sun and afternoon shade.

  • Zonal geranium
  • New Guinea impatiens
  • Wave petunias (available in pink, lavender, purple, and rose)

The grower reserves the right to make substitutions as necessary. And, as an extra incentive, customers who order $125 or more in plants receive a free terra cotta planter of either geraniums or New Guinea impatiens!

If you are interested in ordering plants and supporting our fundraiser, please complete the order form in your spring newsletter and return it to Michele Park by April 1.

If you did not receive a spring newsletter and need an order form, please email us as soon as possible and we will send you an order form.

Happy planting!