Gina Kellogg has been in charge of publicity for the Kansas City Alumnae Chapter for over ten years. This position includes putting together our newsletter, which previously was mailed twice per year and is now being mailed quarterly, as well as sending press releases and photos to local newspapers when necessary. Back in the earlier days of the internet, Gina set up a website for the chapter, but back then it was much more complicated than it is today and it was difficult to maintain.
Before Gina started attending meetings, she regularly received a monthly phone call from an alumna member to remind her of the meeting. After about two years of receiving reminder phone calls, she finally decided to attend a meeting. Gina continues her involvement for several reasons. Working full time makes it difficult to get involved in philanthropic activities, and AOII provides an outlet to contribute as well as to socialize with other women.
Gina's favorite meeting activity was almost ten years ago. Her dad used to own a hair salon, and alumnae members met there one evening for a program that included hair styling tips. Two women's names were randomly drawn and they received brand new hair makeovers for free! Some of her favorite meetings are those where we don't have a special activity planned, but the women are able to socialize.
Gina attended KU and was initiated at Phi chapter. Something interesting is that she never lived in the sorority house. Before she went through rush, she obtained a waiver from living in any sorority house. Her parents had purchased a home in Lawrence for Gina's older brother to live in while attending college, and Gina would also live in that house during her time at KU. She really respected the fact that AOII didn't dismiss her simply due to the waiver and she loved going to the chapter house on Monday nights for dinner!
Gina was married for 15 years to a Theta Chi she met at KU, and they have a 12 year old son named Cole. She has been divorced for four years and has been dating Mark for a little over 3 years. This summer, Gina and Mark and their kids all went to Mexico for a deserved vacation.
Gina is an editor and writer who has worked for a variety of companies. Recently she was the Director of Communications for the World Waterpark Association, which she says was really fun but also highly stressful. Last spring she began working at Illustratus, a newsletter publishing company, where she develops content for a variety of newsletters and also helps with writing, editing, and marketing projects.
Gina enjoys reading and working on home improvement projects with her boyfriend. She has "adopted" a little boy in the Phillipines to whom she sends money and letters monthly. She also recently joined the Soldier's Angels network where she has adopted a soldier in Iraq. She sends him letters every week, as well as care packages to boost his spirits.
5 Random Facts about Gina:
* She won 2nd place in a ninth-grade talent contest with two friends. Gina sang the lead on "Copacabana" and the two friends sang backup, while making funny gestures along with the song. They called themselves "Kellogg and the Cornflakes."
*She is related to Carry Nation by marriage.
* Her sister has a comedy radio show on XM Satellite Radio, along with her husband, called "Camp Waterlogg."
* She collects Barbies- but not the ones you expect. She collects Barbies who are "selling" something, for example LifeSaver Barbie, Gap Barbie, and DisneyWorld Barbie.
*She has known her best friend for 30 years, since they met in 7th grade. Her friend moved away just before 10th grade, but they have visited each other regularly.