Last night's meeting was hosted by Jenny Horsley at her home in Prairie Village. Only six of us showed up but we had a great time catching up and tasting wine!
We had three wines to try. The first was a Blackstone Pinot Grigio, which most of us agreed was our favorite. We also had YellowTail Shiraz and a Cabernet Sauvignon (didn't write down the vineyard on that one). Jenny also had snacks for us including a fabulous cheese ball and crackers.
Everyone brought toiletry items to donate; originally we had planned to donate these to a local women's shelter, however none of us were familiar with a local shelter and so we just decided at the meeting to donate the items to Operation Breakthrough, a local organization that serves children.
As we drank our wine and visited, we also assembled a box of snacks to send to the Delta Pi collegiate women at the University of Central Missouri. Popcorn, crackers, apples, hot chocolate, and candy- we hope this will help make finals week a bit more enjoyable for the girls!
We'd love to welcome new members to our meetings; it's an enjoyable "girls' night out" where very little business is actually discussed- we spend much more time catching up on each others' lives.
Our next event will be a Founder's Day brunch on December 9. More information will be forthcoming in our newsletter, which will be mailed soon to women in the Kansas City area.