Jenny (Buehler) Horsley serves as our chapter's Vice President for Programs. She is responsible for putting together fun sisterhood activities and meeting programs together as well as finding members to host the meetings and provide snacks.
Jenny was initiated at Delta Alpha chapter at the University of Missouri. She started attending alumnae meetings in February, 2004, after moving to the Kansas City area and wanting to become involved with AOII again. She and some other women had attempted to start an alumnae chapter in Columbia prior to her move to KC. Jenny became an officer within a year of coming to her first meeting. She enjoys getting to know the other members and being involved in philanthropic activities.
Jenny is the Director of Volunteer Service for Operation Breakthrough, which is the largest single-site, low-income, non-profit child care facility in Missouri. There are approximately 670 kids on site each day, ranging in age from 6 weeks old through teenagers. Over 300 volunteers are active with the center right now.
Jenny just got married last month to David, who is a graphic designer for Grundfos Pumps in Olathe. She enjoys baking, puzzles, and crafty activities. Jenny is also a First Aid/CPR instructor for the American Red Cross.
5 Random Facts About Jenny:
* I am a bleeding heart and would do just about anything asked if it benefits another.
*I have two cats and a hyper Jack Russell terrier named Hank.
*At our wedding reception, my husband danced on a pole at a bar called the Shaft.
*I have a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.
* I am a secret rockabilly fan because of my husband (hence the dog's name!)